About Tiny Mighty...

How I started

As an energetic teenager with a passion for dancing, I was experiencing sever knee ache.  The doctors found a benign tumour in my tibia. It was removed and I was left with a fragile knee joint. 

A friend of mine recommended yoga as it was less impact In the knees than dance. At first I found it frustrating and slow being used to the dynamic movement and speed of  dancing. However after  I had tried a couple of classes I discovered Vinyasa yoga. The breathing techniques and postures gave me the benefits of yoga but the creativity and flows gave me the energy and release dancing used to. 

I fell in love with yoga and eventually I felt the emotional and psychological benefits as well as the physical. Yoga became my escape and my passion, so after 10 years of practice I trained as a teacher to share my passion with others!

Me as a Teacher

I trained with Trimurti Yoga in Dharmashala, in the north of India. The school is accredited by The Yoga Alliance. I completed a 200 hour multi style yoga teacher training. 

I spent a month totally immersed in the philosophy, anatomy and was encouraged to live an authentic yogic lifestyle by my teachers. Surrounded by mountains and nature we were lucky enough to have an amazing team of teachers who took us through the traditions and teaching of Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga! 

I continue my developing my personal practice with self study and attending classes regularly with other amazing tearchers.

Yoga on The Move

My day job has had me either floating around the world on a Ship or based in various parts of the UK. I have been lucky enough to attend classes in Many different locations so I will be recommending some of my favourites via a blog.... watch this space. I continue my personal practice.  

Connect with me on social media, I would love to keep up to date with your Yoga journeys too!